The statement above is the number one golden rule for taking the perfect selfies. It sounds simply enough but are you confident to use your phone to take a selfie in a public area? How would you react if you were to stand in the middle of a street dressed in the best and pose in front of a tripod while people walked past?

you wouldn't do it?... time to build that bridge and get over that fear.

Blog stalk your favourite all time bloggers and analyse their selfies (yes some would have photographers- but would they have one 100% of the time?) Check to see whether their photos are taken in a public area? are there people in the background? You will find that most blogger photos are taken in a public area with a flawless city architecture / background design, popular beaches, dreamy holiday locations or a memorable & famous destination for travellers. For example I adore and love Gary Pepper girl, Nicole Warne and how she deliberately styles her photos so that the backdrop is a beautiful and memorable snap shot of the city/area she visits.

First of all there are two ways to take selfies with your camera/DSLR

Timer OR Trigger.
You can set your timer to take a photo after 10 -30 seconds of clicking the button  or you can buy a trigger which is a easier setup if your on the go.

You also need the follow:

1)   tripod. Over the years when I was on a tight budget, I bought a cheap $30 tripods from JBHI FI. Perfect if you have a small digital camera however depending on how heavy your camera/ DSLR is and how much you value it, I personally would invest in a good tripod that won't blow or topple in the wind and is sturdy in most floor environments (sand/dirt/ creek beds/ ocean etc). I use and own a manfrotto tripod as they have a reputation for quality. 

2) Camera. My favourite new camera is the Nikon DF that I received as a birthday present earlier this year. But what ever your budget - any camera bought in recent years can do the job. 

3) Lens. I love... love... love my Nikkor 50mm 1.4G lens. I use this lens for all my shoots (fashion/ bridal/ wedding etc). Photos are just so crisp and clear. I love playing around with a low aperture as it captures unique detail that isn't seen with the naked eye. Kit lens are fine with whatever camera you use. Just make sure you change the setting to Manual focus and have a high aperture. Sometimes it can be frustrating to wait for a lens to focus. 

4) Last but most importantly be confident.  Psych yourself out and feel like a superstar (even if it's just for a minute). You don't want to be awkward and stand rigid in front of your camera.  For starters if you don't want your face to be the focus sway and move around, have the wind pick up your hair, turn and keep your head to the side or have it lowered to face the ground. Only you will know what look and pose best suits you so don't feel embarrassed to stand in front of a mirror and practice.

Trust me! I would so rather take photos of my products on a gorgeous model during a collaborative shoot however when in need you just got to suck it up and do it yourself. It does save alot of time and planning and I get a new facebook profile picture LOL! For my etsy store I did this selfie series for my new products. I got such a positive response on my social media sites  - gaining more likes and followers as Ninique had a face to the label. It was a huge step for me to pose and parade about in stock as I stood outside businesses with bright coloured walls. As you can tell I am camera shy - I rarely had my head up but it served its purpose for crown modelling... haha!

~~ Hope my tips help~~