There are a few important factors to consider when you plan and organise a photo shoot for your small business or label. The most important part of any shoot is the photographer.  If you are one of the lucky ones who has a family member of friend who is a photographer, definitely talk and plan with the them to assist you in the direction for your shoot.

Who is the photographer?  

You have three option: Find a TFP photographer, hire, or be the photographer.

TFP Photographer
TFP is short for time for print. You would be surprised of the number of photographers out in the world snapping away and building up their portfolio. Take me for example, I am starting a online store which means I am limited to the amount of funds I can spend on a photo shoot. I would love to hire and buy products for shoots however it's just not possible. So I reply heavily on TFP shoots. I scope out and contact designers, make up artists and models who would suit the style I am planning and in return for their time I provide all the prints from the shoot.  

When collaborating with a TFP photographer it's best to sort out and establish: 

  1. Who will do hair & make up. Does he/she have a team to work with or will you have to source it out?
  2. Who will source out the wardrobe or stylist.
  3. Who are the model. Does the photographer have a number of different models to work with or will you have to find someone.
  4. How does the photographer edit? Does he/ she use presets. How much editing will they do for the shoot? (will she photoshop skin, creases, fly away hairs etc)
  5. Ask if all the photos will be provided from the shoot. Will he/she edit the photos for you? Will they all be watermarked? Set a minimum number.
  6. Location. Discuss the location of hair and make up prep as well as the location for the shoot. 
  7. Time. Ask how much time they are willing to contribute to the shoot. Will he/she only shoot for 1-2 hours or be available for the whole day. One of the most important things to remember when planning a shoot is NEVER expect it to run on time. Having a photographer with a time frame can be daunting if hair/make up is running late or the model didn't arrive on time.  

    How much time will you photographer spend retouching images?

The word 'hire' can be a bit daunting when organising a photo shoot as you automatically think of dollar signs $$$$$$$ and an empty wallet. Depending on how much you are willing to spend a experienced photographer can save you time and get you the best results. Best to research and compare prices of photographers in your area and work with someone who shoots to the style you want. Every photographer has a particular style of shooting check out their portfolio and analyse the type of work they have done.

You got a digital camera? Your half way there!

It doesn't matter how expensive your camera is or the program you edit in it's how you shoot the product or model and how persistent you are to continue to take the shot until you got it perfect. Would you believe with my product shots I sometimes do it over a course of a week? I practice and tweek lighting, backgrounds and angles and it frustrates me so much when I just can't get it right.  I am a amateur when it comes to product shots and I practice over and over again to get the shot right.